Academic Calender

Academic Calender

The College Handbook contains all relevant information of immense utility for the students as well as the faculty. Besides providing an insight on the policies and procedures of the college, the handbook clarifies the values and standards Bharata Mata upholds. However, it is more than just a policy manual. It presents a comprehensive picture of the various campus resources including the academic and the non-academic dimensions. The handbook focuses on the needs of the students and details the opportunities available in the campus for their academic, social and personal development. Information regarding different co-curricular activities, certificate courses and extension activities are given. The details about the courses offered, course syllabi and fee structure form a very significant part of the handbook. The Academic Calendar gives an idea about the various academic activities like internal exams, assignment submission etc. of the year while the Year Planner details the proposed department activities for the year. Thus, the Handbook outlines all the necessary information related to Bharata Mata College and helps one to explore the institution and its activities.

The College handbook thus gives an overview of the institutional functioning, its structure and guiding principles, and other crucial information relating to: Programmes/Courses of Studies with syllabus, Library and Research Facilities, Scholarships and Awards, Names of different bodies of governance with details of members, Details of teaching faculty (department-wise) and Office Staff. The College handbook thus facilitates the systematic running of the institution, with its meticulously and methodically planned Academic Calendar and Year Planner. The College Handbook has proved to be a trusted guide for its users over years. It is an authoritative reference source on the most essential details of the institution, which successfully orients its stakeholders.

The following are the academic calendars and year planners in the College handbooks generated by the institution in the past seven years in the reverse chronological order.