Add – on Courses

Addon Courses

Apart from the curriculum offered by the University, the college offers the following add on courses for the benefits of the students. The college aims at imparting crucial job skills to the students, through various certificate programs, thus enabling them to acquire an additional certificate along with their degree certificate. Making the students job oriented that’s the motive of the college.

Courses Offered

An industry recognized course which is complete and comprehensive for all those who wish to specialize in the stock market. Agency: FINMARK TRAINERS INDIA PVT LTD


  1. Students get a solid understanding of Capital Markets 
  2. Understanding the importance of Mutual Funds 
  3. The operational part of the Capital Markets  
  4. The importance & working of the Primary Markets
  5. Importance of Regulators

This program provides students with hands-on training in financial accounting and the operation of essential computerized accounting software. Agency: KELTRON KNOWLEDGE CENTRE
To acquire practical knowledge in the areas of 

  1. Tally
  2. GST
  3. GST Filing

The course aims to equip students with deeper knowledge and students can avail career oriented courses and gain a dual certificate on graduating. I BAND Technologies conducted a certificate course on Diploma In Logistics and Supply Chain Management
The department aims at imparting crucial job skills to the students through certificate programmes, thus enabling them to acquire an additional certificate along with their degree certificates. Students can pursue these certificate programmes along with their regular degree programmes.


Objective    : 
1. To make you an expert in marketing a business online by making you learn and understand how to do digital marketing & Start learning from Fundamentals. 
2. To make you earn money online by doing affiliate marketing and adsense blogging as a part time or full time freelancer.

The course Airport and Passenger Handling Services is designed to make the student, both customer-focused and knowledgeable in the many roles an airport /airline front-line staff has to play like acceptance of passengers and baggage, seating, boarding etc.
Syllabus includes

  1. introduction to the aviation industry
  2. aviation industry general awareness
  3. operational functions of the airport
  4. aviation industry terms & definitions
  5. check-in procedures

Since everyone in Botany are based on the subjects of plants and atmosphere it is very attractive and beneficial to each student. Not like olden days floribusiness is now a very attractive and remunerative profession.Today people are well aware about floral arrangements. It is inevitable to every function of any character. if someone opt it as a profession or business they can make a handsome livelyhood  on the basis of floral designing. Floribusiness is very decent and most acceptable in the minds of people. It is not only a passion but also a very lucrative and financially attractive profession .They can make handsome money by engaging in floral business. So if anyone opt floral designing as a profession they can make their livelyhood by engaging in this profession. So being a florist it will uphold his/her credibility and financial security. Be a florist. It is a lucrative business.


As add-on course, we offer an innovative, career oriented course, in association with Keltron (a Govt. of Kerala undertaking). OJT – ONLINE JOB TRAINING (J24)  training course provides  a complete knowledge in GST & TALLY. The course was designed for 40 hours ,in which 24 hours of theory class which has been conducted at BMC campus itself and 16 hours of practical classes at KELTRON KNOWLEDGE CENTRE Ernakulam . The topics includes GST – Introduction ,ITC, Returns ( GSTR 1,GSTR 2A & 2B,GSTR 3B,GSTR 4,GSTR 7,GSTR 8,GSTR 9A,GSTR 9B,GSTR 10), TALLY-Basic company creation, Ledgers ,Vouchers, GST activation in Tally etc. After the successful completion of the course KELTRON KNOWLEDGE GROUP will provide Certificates to students.

The department of Malayalam offers the add on course called News reading & Anchoring in Television & Radio. Being a vocational course, the above mentioned add on course gives a golden opportunity to students who are learning journalism and advertisement. Eminent resource persons will be appearing as faculty and they are as follows:

1) Smt. Thennal (AIR)
2) Smt. Nitha Narayan (Red FM)
3) Sree. Umesh Shivaraman (24 News)
4) Smt. Santhoshi Rani Saha (Doordarshan, TVM)
5) Sree. Gopikrishnan (24 News)
6) Smt. Mary Steby (Radio Dubai)
7) Sree. Sony Perumbillichira (Goodness TV)
8) Sree. Sharath (FM Rainbow).

The above mentioned course is supported by Radio BMC. The course is designed to inculcate a passion for media studies, especially among the first year students. The course will end with Practical tests along with the distribution of certificates after successful completion of the same.

Add on course on Analytical Chemistry in the academic year, 2021-22 was conducted by Department of Chemistry. In collaboration with Inter University Centre for Development of Marine Biotechnology, CUSAT. Prof. (Dr.) N. Chandramohan Kumar, Director of IUCDMB was the contact personnel. This course is open to first year B.Sc Chemistry students.Dr.Divya Jose, Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry was the course coordinator of the Department. Dr. Texin Joseph, Head of Department of Chemistry, St. Paul’s College,  Kalamassery was the external expert. An MOU was signed between IUCDMB and Principal regarding the conduct of the course. The course commenced on 10-11-2021 and concluded on 20 April 2022. 34 students were enrolled for the course for the academic year 2021-22. Prof Chandramohan, Director IUCDMB, Senior Research Associate Dr. G.D Martin, Research Scholars Ms. Deepthi, Ms.Devika,Ms.Stephy, Mr.Shameem, etc. took classes. Classes were conducted on all Wednesdays 1.30 pm to 3.30 pm. A visit to the Inter University Centre for Marine Biotechnology (IUCDMB) at School of Marine Sciences, Cochin University of Science and Technology on 30 th March 2022 was arranged as part of this course. Thirty two students of I B.Sc Chemistry and two teachers, Dr. Divya Jose and Manu Mohan visited the facility. The trip was arranged to familiarise the students of all the analytical instruments they learned in their add on course, Analytical Chemistry. They were able to understand GC- MS (Perkin Elmer), FTIR (Perkin Elmer), LC-MS (Shimadzu), UV-VISIBLE spectrophotometer (Analytik Jena), Voltametry (Metrohm), Ion Chromatography (Metrohm), AAS (Thermo Fisher Scientific), ICP-OES (Thermo Fisher Scientific). Certificates were issued to the students according to the summative assessment at the end of the course.

Lifezone Effatha had conducted a Certificate Course on “Personal Effectiveness and Employability Enhancement” in Bharata Mata College, Thrikkakara, hosted by the Department of Economics. The course commenced on 10 November 2021 and concluded on 30 March 2022.  48 students enrolled for the course during the academic year 2021-22.  54 contact hours were engaged. A summative assessment was conducted at the end of the course. 41 students qualified in the same and certificates were issued to the students
Following Topics were Covered In the Program:

Self Concept, Economics & Competitive Excellence, Public Speaking, Effective Communication,Team Effectiveness, Social Skills, Emotional Wellbeing, Remedies for Emotional Struggles, Goal Setting, Time & Resource Management, Leadership, Prioritisation, Personal Branding, MC’ing & Stage Management, Group Discussion, Interview Skills

The Post Graduate Department of English has been conducting  Add on Course on GRAPHIC DESIGN AND ANIMATION  with the assistance of  Kites Software Pvt.Ltd for the last few years. The course is aimed at introducing the students to new skills of designing and animation, enhancing their creativity, endorsing innovative designs and inventive concepts. Students are also  exposed to software interface where one learns to produce key frames, timeline frames, and get an acquaintance to frame the layers in timeline.

This course is designed to learn computer basics mainly MS office and a mathematical software, “Geogebra ”. The course equips the students to use advanced Excel operations, which enable them to do quick calculations and to have seamless data visualisation. Learning  a mathematical software like Geogebra helps mathematics learning more easier and effective. The various facilities offered by Geogebra software help to visualise abstract geometric objects quickly and accurately.

Learn how to analyse data using Python. This course will take from the basics of Python to exploring many different types of data. It helps to learn how to prepare data for analysis, perform simple statistical analysis, create meaningful data visualizations, predict future trends from data, etc. You'll be reading data from multiple sources (CSV, SQL, Excel), process that data using NumPy and Pandas, and visualize it using Tkinter.

Optimal and sustainable health (Wellness) is the foundation of all the aspects in life. Caring of mind, body and environment are the most essential things and understanding of these is of primary significance in all fields of education. Knowledge, empowerment and employability are aimed at this unique add on course which may be an asset to any individual.

The course is designed to provide basic knowledge of Python. Python programming is intended for software engineers, system analysts, program managers, and user support personnel who wish to learn the Python programming language.