Anti-Ragging Cell

Policy for Anti-Ragging has been formulated in Bharata Mata College under the conformity with Supreme Court judgements and directions, the UGC guidelines and State Government instructions. College has adopted a ‘Zero-Tolerance’ policy towards ragging inside the college premises. Punitive action will be taken against the student found guilty of ragging, as per the provisions mentioned in this policy. Ragging is as “an act that violates or is perceived to violate an individual student’s dignity”. The College, as per this policy, shall follow the UGC Regulation on Curbing the Menace of Ragging in Higher Institutions. Anti-Ragging cell has been constituted in the college to create a ragging free and disciplined environment, by instilling the principles of democratic values, tolerance, empathy, compassion
and sensitivity so that students become responsible citizens.

Annual report of Anti-Ragging Cell