COSMOS-Astronomy Club
let’s explore the unknown

Space has always been a wonder to human kind. Space exploration allows us to solve the wonders and understand a broader view of our universe we live in today. We should have our Space Exploration program because it furthers our knowledge of the universe, provides better understanding, results in new technologies and evokes curiosity. This thought led us to form an Astronomy club for our campus. Clubs are the places where people can engage in their individual interests. It provides an opportunity to express their creative abilities and enthusiasm. If a new satellite is being launched or if some major event is happening in the sky, the whole world is watching them and trying to know about them. But after these events, most people return back to a life where the myths like “Physics is so hard to learn and it’s boring!” actually kill one’s enthusiasm and curiosity about space. We, the members of “COSMOS: The Astronomy Club of BMC” focus on bringing back this enthusiasm and curiosity among people and let them know more about space and science through simple activities and events.

Annual Report of COSMOS-Astronomy Club 2021-22