Radio Club

Radio BMC is yet another breakthrough of Bharata Mata College, which was conceptualised and curated to primarily support and promote the amateur student RJs, and has been a desirable space for emerging student artists ever since it went on the air on 12th December 2018. The launching of Radio BMC stemmed from the notion that the performance of the students must be spread beyond textbook learning and classroom teaching. It provides a platform for the students to host their program’s and showcase their talents. The program’s hosted through radio BMC provide infotainment and take the student community by storm, keeping them updated with things happening in and around the campus. The station plays the latest hit tracks, many motivational talks, and interviews with many award-winning professionals, distinguished artists and eminent writers across the State. It also serves as an educational platform for students interested in radio broadcasting, communication and sound engineering, paving a way towards a career in the field of mass media and telecommunication. Radio BMC is equipped with an advanced recording studio, software and sound systems. The radio goes on air every day during the morning and afternoon recess for duration of half an hour each. The radio also bridges the gap between the college and the community, providing college students with information about local news and events. The project is a dream-come-true for the stakeholders, and the venture aspires to take up more initiatives like community partnership, and seeks to expand its horizons.  The institution rejoices in the impact the enterprise has upon its stakeholders, and envisages to soar high and reach out to the society.