About Department
This was the first
Vocational Malayalam
Course offered in Kerala.

In July, 1965, a division was established to provide Malayalam language as a second option to the students. And in December, 1998, a full-fledged department was formed with the commencement of BA Malayalam (Vocational) Copy Writing Course with a sanctioned strength of 24 students. This was the first Vocational Malayalam Course offered in Kerala. The department started under the auspicious headship of Prof. Somavarma Raja. In line with the objective of the vocational nature of the course, most of the students who passed the course were able to take upreputable positions in leading media houses. Some of them are successfully placed in the teaching profession also. Today the department has grown into a strong well cohesive team which is successful in bringing out motivated and well trained candidates to be placed in the industry and society as professionals and good humans being.

Strengths and Achievements

The department consists of 5 permanent teachers -  two PhDs and two Mphils. Three teachers are currently pursuing research. Three teachers have submitted Minor Projects funded by UGC. The students of the department have achieved awards and prizes at the university level competitions. Many students of the department get selected to institutions of repute for their higher education and many got placed in various media houses. While Some students have become entrepreneurs and started their own video and photography services many are successfully engaged in teaching profession.

What makes us unique?
  • The first Vocational Malayalam (Copywriting) Department at MG University
  • Young, dedicated and creatively inclined faculty spearheads various activities of the department
  • Various extra-curricular activities and industry interactions for the development of students
  • Annual publication of the magazine 'Madhuram Malayalam, an initiative by the students.
  • Students publish a full-fledged printed newspaper 'Gulmohar' every year with the guidance of the faculty.
Methodology of teaching learning
  • Lectures, presentations and debates
  • On the job training
  • Familiarising students withthe technicalities of Advertisements, Documentaries and Films
  • Seminars and Assignments based learning
  • Guided self-learning
  • Mentoring
  • Industry interactions
  • Media Lab

January, 2004 a Media Lab was opened to the students to introduce them to various skills and technologies in the media industry. This media lab has turned out to be very helpful for the students in acquiring and horning needed skills and technological knowhow, thereby increasing their chances of being placed successfully in the industry.