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Zoology- Nurturing Knowledge, Passion for Nature,
Lifelong Learning, Innovative Research, Holistic Development
and Comprehensive Career Growth

Welcome to The Department of Zoology 
Since the inception of Bharata Mata College in 1965, Prof. P.P. John, an esteemed academician, has been a faculty member in the Zoology department. Zoology became an undergraduate department in 1970, with an initial capacity of 36 students and Dr. A. Madhavan as the Head of the Department. The department has a longstanding tradition of instilling good values in students, alongside imparting knowledge. In line with its motto, “Sarvajeevi Mangalam,” the Zoology students are shaped into individuals who care about their fellow beings and the environment. Thanks to the dedication of its esteemed faculty over the years, the Zoology department has achieved significant distinction. With the expert faculty's guidance, students have achieved top ranks at Mahatma Gandhi University, showcasing their academic excellence and dedication. The department has secured funding grants such as DST-FIST and DBT Star which have significantly enhanced its research infrastructure to enrich the students scientific temper and research aptitude. We are pleased to invite you to explore these web pages, where we have highlighted the various activities and initiatives we undertake. Additionally, we would be delighted to provide further information on any topic related to our department.

Strengths and Achievements

The department has a vibrant group of teachers, who ensure, the department achieves the highest possible standards of excellence in all its activities. Two minor projects, funded by UGC have been successfully completed. Dr. Simi Joseph P, Asst. Professor was selected for FLAIR Fostering Linkages in Academic Innovation and Research – an initiative of the Department of Higher Education, Government of Kerala at present Three faculty members are Ph.D. holders and two of them are Research Guides of the University and are active in research and publications. Nearing the 60 years of its existence, the department is credited for producing several graduate students with leadership quality, empathy and commitment towards the society and the environment.  Its alumni are doing exceptionally well as teachers and scientists at various universities and research laboratories.  The academic training imparted to the department’s graduating students, equips them to shine well in competitive exams and enter post-graduation programs of leading institutes in the country and abroad. The current research and teaching in the Department include various aspects of Animal Physiology, Microbiology, Molecular Biology, Biotechnology, Neurobiology, Immunology, Developmental Biology, Cell Signalling, Cell Biology and Endocrinology. Apart from teaching, the faculty has been publishing papers in peer-reviewed research journals and presented their research work in national and international conferences.

The department is collaborating with Wildlife Trust of India - WTI and Tropical Institute of Ecological Sciences (TIES) for internship of students and research  skill enhancement training . The department has always been keen on non-scholastic development of students. Overall Championship in Arts Festival and Intercollegiate Zoofest many a times is a testimony to this. The department has an active Zoology Association where the students gets a first-hand knowledge in organisation skills in coordinating various invited talks, training and skill based workshops. Department of Zoology has been publishing a manuscript magazine christened ‘Nautilus’ since 1989 to nurture the soft skills of our students. The zoology department has bagged the “Best Zoology Association Award” and the “Best Manuscript Magazine Award” instituted by The Zoological Society of Kerala, many a times. The well set ‘Zoology Museum’ has a good collection of bottled and stuffed specimens

What makes us unique?
  • Explore the fascinating world of biology from all angles! Our program integrates various disciplines for a richer understanding.
  • Expert faculty led collaborative exploration of biology through an interdisciplinary lens.
  • A supportive and nurturing academic environment, where students and faculty build a strong sense of community, fostering success for all learners
  • State of the art Laboratory facilities providing hands-on experience in various techniques namely PCR, Electrophoresis and Microbiological Techniques
  • Offer real-world learning experiences through industry partnerships, including internships and workshops, to prepare students for a successful career.
  • The department has a Memorandum Of Understanding (MOU) with Wildlife Trust of India (WTI), Tropical Institute of Ecological Science, Kottayam and Merit Biolabs, Ernakulam for co-operation in the field of Research, Technology & Transfer and for the collaborative conduct of trainings, internships,seminars and workshops.
  • Nurture well-rounded individuals by providing opportunities to compete in national-level extracurricular activities, fostering teamwork, resilience, and a drive for excellence.
Methodology of teaching learning
  • Lectures that combine interactive elements with multimedia resources.
  • Courses and teaching methods that develop industry-demanded analytical skills and Hands-on labs to reinforce those skills..
  • Develop the essential soft skills for success.
  • Guidance for competitive exams such as IIT-JAM 
  • Collaborative group projects and discussions
  • Interactive sessions (seminars, workshops and training sessions) led by reputed experts from academia and industry
  • Continuous assessment through various methods and regular feedback to help students track their progress and refine their skills


Our Infrastructural Facilities


  • Classrooms with LCD Projector, Internet Facilities and Interactive Board
  • Laboratory equipped with instruments such as Binocular ,Trinocular and Oil Immersion Microscopes,Digital pH Meter, Digital Colorimeter,Water quality Analyzer.
  • Microbiology Lab with Laminar Airflow Chamber,Deluxe Model Bacteriological Incubator,Digital Colony Counter
  • Molecular Biology lab equipped with instruments namely Thermal Cycler (PCR Machine), Electrophoresis Unit,UV Transilluminator,Laboratory Centrifuge