Institutional Values

Institutional Values

The strength of any institution lies in its system of values which moulds and nurtures its members irrespective of their differences, into a common whole. In its commitment towards fostering an organizational culture, Bharata Mata College has laid emphasis on four core values which are conceded by all – the management, students, teachers and non-teaching staff, alike. These core values enshrined along with the vision and mission, are imparted to every new addition to the Bharata Mata family.

Devotion to the Divine:
The base of all virtues and values comes from the very supreme value of ‘Devotion to the Divine’ which seeks to instil reverence to the Almighty. In an age where spirituality is often confused with religion, Bharata Mata emphasizes devotion in a secular context and strives to create a spiritual discipline to create order, peace and harmony.

Quest for Excellence:
Affirming to the call of advancement in academics, Bharata Mata places ‘Quest for Excellence’ as a crucial value. All ‘Bharatians’ are fostered to strive for success with this value in their respective areas of work/study within Bharata Mata College.

Furtherance of Fraternity:
In an attempt to nurture social and moral responsibility, the institution upholds ‘Furtherance of Fraternity’ as the second core value. Even as the institution provides a platform for various activities and projects that nourish social responsibility and universal fellowship, all its members are encouraged to channelize their efforts and excellence towards fraternity.

Stewardship of Environment:
In response to the call of a degrading environment, Bharata Mata College considers it an obligation to serve as and nurture a generation that function as ‘stewards of the nature’. Through its programs and projects, the college has time and again instilled this obligation to the students who were and are a part of it.