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22, July , 2022

3 R's - Inter Collegiate Video Contest

World Nature Conservation Day is the flagship day for encouraging awareness about the need to preserve the environment and natural resources in order to keep the world healthy. As part of the day, the Department of Marketing, Bharata Mata College, Thrikakara organizing an Inter collegiate

Video Making Competition, on the theme  “Reduce Reuse Recycle”.
We invite creative and innovative content videos of students on recycling solutions from Paper, Plastic,Cloth, Glass and Metal.
Submission deadline :  28 th July 2022

  1. Single or group can participate (maximum 3 members in a group)
  2. Each video mustn't be longer than 2 min
  3. Submitted short Video must be live  action, not animation
  4. Video should be vertical with aspect ratio 9:16( standard smart phone screen)
  5. Short videos may be in English/Malayalam language or with English subtitles or have no dialogue at all.
  6. Ensure the contents in the video must have live footage; plagiarism of any kind is disqualified.
  7. All the participants will be awarded participation certificates.

Share or Send the video/video link to: or WhatsApp to 9645118808