Our Happenings

06, June , 2022

World Environment Day

"Botany department of Bharatha Mata college decided to celebrate environment day on June 6th monday by creating a vertical garden using plastic bottles (an attempt to reduce environmental pollution using waste management/recycling ) , cleaning and beautification of our botanical garden. The student co-ordinator was Nikitha (2nd BSc)and faculty co-ordinator was Dr Shahina .On the day with the support of our Head of the Department, Dr Newby mam and Shahina mam the  entire students of Botany department collected empty plastic bottles which were later cleaned and  used for planting various plants . Around  50 such bottles were prepared and fixed to the grill near to the green house. Secondly the premises of our green house were cleaned . Unwanted materials ,dry leaves and wastes were removed and disposed  . New plants were planted in empty pots. The entire activity was a success by the participation of all faculties and students of botany department