The Research Centre in Chemistry  under Mahatma Gandhi University was initiated in 2012. The thrust areas of research are natural rubber composites, nanomaterials, conducting polymers, polymer composites, conducting polymer composites, sono photo catalytic degradation of water pollutants, phytochemical analysis in ethno medicines, organometallic frameworks, inorganic metal complexes, nano drug delivery etc.

The P.G department and research centre of the Department of Chemistry has given major contribution to the field of polymers, and has now started work in the field of nanotechnology. There are 4 research scholars working in the department and the faculty presently working in the department has published around 95 research papers, most of them in reputed international journal. 3 major research projects (Funded by UGC & KSCSTE) & 5 minor research projects are completed in the department. At present, a major project under the SARD Scheme of KSCSTE is running.

Research Activities

The Post graduate Department of Chemistry is an authorized research centre of Mahatma Gandhi University, Kottayam since 2011. The research centre is involved in dynamic research since its inception with Dr. Shiny Palatty. Dr. Dileesh. S and Dr. Leji Latheef are the research supervisors currently. 
The research centre has produced 4 Ph.Ds so far under the guidance of Dr. Shiny Palatty and one research scholar is currently pursuing research under the supervision of Dr. Dileesh. S.
The major research areas include low temperature prevulcanisation of natural rubber latex, Titanium dioxide-based nanostructures for photocatalytic applications, conducting polymer nanocomposites for electrochemical and energy storage applications.
The department has received grants from various agencies such as UGC. KSCTE, DST-FIST. A large number of research instruments such as FTIR spectrometer, Zetasizer nano, spin coater, impedance analyser etc. were installed in the research centre for the facilitating research activities.
The research centre was successful in publishing 39 publications in indexed journals (32 international and 7 national) within a time span of 9 years .

Sl.No Name of Research Guides Official Designation of Research Guide Date of retirement
1 Dr. Anu George Approved Research Guide in Chemistry under M.G University, Kottayam 31.05.2043
2 Dr.DILEESH .S Approved Research Guide in Chemistry under M.G University, Kottayam 31.05.2030
3 Dr. JINSA MARY JACOB Approved Research Guide in Chemistry under M.G University, Kottayam 31.03.2045
4 Dr. LEJI LATHEEF Approved Research Guide in Chemistry under M.G University, Kottayam 31.05.2037
Sl.No Name of Research Guides Title of the thesis Name Of The Supervisor Status
1 Devi P.V Studies on the low temperature prevulcanisation of  natural rubber latex Dr. Shiny Palaty Awarded (2015)
2 Anu K John Studies on conducting polymer composites for antistatic applications Dr. Shiny Palaty Awarded (2021)
3 Anju C Synthesis of metal oxide nano materials & their application in textiles Dr. Shiny Palaty Awarded(2021)
4 Sreekala S. Sharma Studies on polymer nano composites for sensor applications Dr. Shiny Palaty Awarded(2021)
5 Reethumol V N Synthesis and photophysical studies of some novel trian-gulene compounds. Dr. Dileesh S Ongoing
6 Reshma Prakash Synthesis and photophysical studies of azo substituted triangulenium compounds Dr. Dileesh S Ongoing
7 Sangeetha K Chinnan Investigation on Plasmonic Nano Particles by using Nano-Biosensors for Liquid Biopsy Applications Dr. LEJI LATHEEF Ongoing