Research Projects

Sl.No Name of Researcher Department Year Funding Agency Order No Title of The Project Amount sanctioned in (Rs)
1 Dr. Shiny Palaty  Chemistry 2006 UGC F.No.32-265/2006(SR) Prevulcanisation of natural rubber latex at room temperature and industrial production of low cost gloves & balloons 541300
2 Dr. Shiny Palaty  Chemistry 2006 KSCSTE F.No.015/SRSPS/2006CSTE Low temperature prevulcanisation of NR latex and production of anti-static sheets 917000
3 Dr. Shiny Palaty  Chemistry 2012 UGC F. No.30-24/2011(SA-II) Development of Protein free Nitrile gloves 2743376
4 Dr. Manjula R Iyer Commerce 2017 ICSSR F.No.02/189/2016-17/RP A study on the accountability towards society by the packaged drinking water industry in the state of kerala. 800000
5 Dr. Litty Sebastian Chemistry 2019 KSCSTE No. 23/2019/KSCSTE Synthesis of nanoparticles with potential applications in drug delivery system and antistatic changes 3000000
Sl.No Name of Researcher Department Year Funding Agency Order No Title of The Project Amount sanctioned in (Rs)
1 Dr. Sheena Rajan Philip MSW 2019 ICSSR 02/175/2019-2020/MN/ICSSR/RP Beat Plastic Pollution: A Study on the impact of food chain deliveroo on Plastic Waste Generation in Ernakulam District of kerala 300000
2 Dr. Sheena Rajan Philip MSW 2018 BMET BMC/MRP/2018-19 Assessment of Trauma and Need of Psycho-Social Interventions for Children Affected by Disaster in Kerala 50000
3 Dr. Kochurani Thomas Economics 2015 UGC 1963 MRP/14-15/KLMG039/UGC – SWRO The Impact of Woman Empowerment on Employment Generation and Work Participation With Special Reference To The Media Industry 300000
4 Dr.Priyalakshmi G Zoology 2015 UGC 1962 MRP/14-15/KLMG039/UGC – SWRO Screening , Production and Industrial Applications Of Laccase Producing Microbes From Mangrove Island Of Valanthacadu (Kochi, Kerala) 350000
5 Dr.Anu Philip Physics 2015 UGC 1956 MRP/14-15/KLMG039/UGC – SWRO Synthesis and Controlled Modification of Cuprous oxide Nanostructure Morphology For Gas Sensing Application 450000
6 Mr. Joseph Joy Puthussery Commerce 2015 UGC 1957 MRP/14-15/KLMG039/UGC – SWRO Role of Financial Literacy Centres in Promoting Financial Inclusion and Customer Education 140000
7 Dr.Liji Joseph Malayalam 2015 UGC 1965 MRP/14-15/KLMG039/UGC – SWRO Political Dimensions Of Food( A Study Based on Selected Works of S.K.Pottekkatu, V.K.N and Sara Joseph 112500
8 Dr. M.T. Antony Economics 2015 UGC 1964 MRP/14-15/KLMG039/UGC – SWRO Waste Management Problem in Kerala : A Case Study Of Kalamassery Municipality 250000
9 Mrs.Divya Jose  Chemistry 2015 UGC 1958 MRP/14-15/KLMG039/UGC – SWRO Synthesis , Characterization and Dielectric Properties Of Polypyrrole 360000
10 Mr. Baiju K.D  Chemistry 2015 UGC 1959 MRP/14-15/KLMG039/UGC – SWRO Metal Organic Frameworks : Advanced Porous Materials For Catalysis and Gas Separation 320000
11 Mrs. Merin Jose English 2015 UGC 1955 MRP/14-15/KLMG039/UGC – SWRO The Dance Of Time and Space in the Advertising Narrative 155000
12 Mrs.Anu.K.John  Chemistry 2014 UGC MRP(S)0832/13-14/KLMG039/UGC – SWRO Synthesi Of Metal Oxide Nano Materials and their Application In Self Cleaning Textiles 180000
13 Mrs.Sindhu Joseph  Chemistry 2014 UGC MRP(S)0833/13-14/KLMG039/UGC – SWRO Effect Of Natural Water Contaminates 200000
14 Dr.Lissy Jacob Mathematics 2014 UGC MRP(S)0834/13-14/KLMG039/UGC – SWRO Convex in variants In Fuzzy Vector Spaces 180000
15 Dr. Beena Mary John Physics 2014 UGC MRP(S)0835/13-14/KLMG039/UGC – SWRO Fabrication Of An Eco-Friendly Polymer Based Polarizer 200000
16 Mrs. Lissy Kachappilly English 2014 UGC MRP(H)1291/13-14/KLMG039/UGC – SWRO Environmental History and Ecological Imagination In India ; A Liability Persprctive 50000
17 Mrs. Sabitha Zacharias English 2014 UGC MRP(H)1295/13-14/KLMG039/UGC – SWRO Travelling A Different Road To Truth-Writing (Her) Storical Fiction 40000
18 Mrs. Ransamma Joseph Economics 2014 UGC MRP(H)1294/13-14/KLMG039/UGC – SWRO Social Work Interventions :Impact On Rural Socities With Special Reference to Sustainability Through Participation , Empowerment and Decentralisation 145000
19 Mrs.Soumya Thomas Malayalam 2014 UGC MRP(H)1293/13-14/KLMG039/UGC – SWRO Politics Of Gaze : A Study On A S.K. Pottekkattu’s Travelogues , Nile Diary and Simhabhoomi 75000
20 Fr.Anish Paul Malayalam 2014 UGC MRP(H)1290/13-14/KLMG039/UGC – SWRO Vision Of Citizenship In Anand : A Study On Novel 70000
21 Dr.Shalini Jose Hindi 2014 UGC MRP(H)1292/13-14/KLMG039/UGC – SWRO An Analytical Study Of The Contribution Of Hindi Women Fiction Writers In The Field Of JournalismWith Special Reference To Mrunal Pandey , Dr.Namitha Singh and Kshama Sarma 140000
22 Mrs. Mini M. Abraham English 2013 UGC MRP(H)0614/12-13/KLMG039/UGC – SWRO ICT and Second Language Learning – Current Trends in English Language Teaching At The Tertiary Level in Kerala 150000
23 Dr. Laly Mathew English 2013 UGC MRP(H)0615/12-13/KLMG039/UGC – SWRO Mind and The Make – Believe : The Psychological Users Of Fantasy and Enchantment In Children’s Literature 150000
24 Mr.Paul Issac Mathematics 2012 UGC MRP(S)-1234/11-12/KLMG039/UGC-SWRO Applications of Fuzzy set and rough sets in Algebra 190000
25 Dr. Priyalakshmi G Zoology 2011 UGC MRP(S)-2010/10-11/KLMG039/UGC-SWRO Tourism Induced Changes In The Meiofaunal Diversity Of Cherai Beach-A Prominent Tourist Beach Of Kerala 110000
26 Dr. K V Thomas Mathematics 2010 UGC MRP(S)-667/09-10/KLMG039/UGC-SWRO Fuzzy Lettices 110000
27 Mr. Thomas Joseph Mathematics 2009 UGC MRP(S) 433/08-09/KLMG039/UGC-SWRO Generalisation of Fuzzy Numbers 130000
28 Dr. Princy K.L Mathematics 2009 UGC MRP(S)-432/08-09/KLMG039/UGC-SWRO Graph Labelling On Embedded Graphs 70000
29 Dr. Paul Issac Mathematics 2008 UGC MRP(S)-119/07-08/KLMG039/UGC-SWRO fuzzy analogues of projective and injective modules 40000
30 Dr. Mathew Jacob Commerce 2006 UGC MRP(S)-/05-06/KLMG039/UGC-SWRO Impact of reforms and private sector on insurance banking in rural sector 55000
31 Dr. Joy Joseph Puthussery Commerce 2004 UGC MRP(S)-/03-04/KLMG039/UGC-SWRO Non- Performing Assets in the long term lending sector 70000
32 Dr. Shiny Palaty Chemistry 2004 UGC MRP(S)-/03-04/KLMG039/UGC-SWRO Production of Fire resistant natural rubber composites 40000
33 Dr. Rosa M V Mathematics 2004 UGC MRP(S)-/03-04/KLMG039/UGC-SWRO Fuzziness in Topology and Convexity theory 60000
34 Dr. Paul Issac Mathematics 2004 UGC MRP(S)-/03-04/KLMG039/UGC-SWRO Fuzziness in Module theory and related area 60000
35 Dr. K V Thomas Mathematics 2004 UGC MRP(S)-/03-04/KLMG039/UGC-SWRO Lattices of fuzzy Algebraic Substructures 50000
Sl.No Name of Researcher Department Year Funding Agency Collaborating Institutions Title of The Project Amount sanctioned in (Rs)
1 Dr. Shiny Palaty Chemistry 2009 DRDO CUSAT Development and study of polymer composites for efficient EMI shielding property at microwave frequencies 1567000
2 Dr. Shiny Palaty Chemistry 2011 UGC Newman College, Thodupuzha Development of NR latex nano composites using nano cellulose 160000

Cardinal Antony Padiyara Research Fellowship
Bharata Mata College, being an ardent contributor to social causes, moves a step further by facilitating socially beneficial projects every year, funded entirely by the institution. The research fellowship is named after the benevolent and gracious former patron of the institution, His Eminence the late Cardinal Antony Padiyara. The research fellowship actualizes the motto of the institution, “For God and Country” by extending its support for societal growth and upliftment. This research endeavour is a flagship programme that will be welcoming research ventures every year addressing contemporary issues. A sum of Rs. 1 lakh will be granted for Minor Research Projects in Sciences, and an amount of Rs. 75,000/- for projects in Humanities, Social Science, Languages, Literature, Arts and Allied Disciplines..

Sl.No Name of Researcher College Title Amount Sanctioned
1 Leena Varghese Al-Ameeen College, Edathala Assessing Impact of Flood on Small Business Units- Case of Kalady Rs.50,000
2 Dr. Sheena Rajan Philip Bharata Mata College, Thrikkakara. Assessment of Trauma and Need of Psycho-Social Interventions for Children Affected by Disaster in Kerala Rs.55,000
3 Nimsi K.A MES College, Marampally. Assessment of Trauma and Need of Psycho-Social Interventions for Children Affected by Disaster in Kerala Rs.90,000