2022-2023 Admissions

With the intent to address and help resolve emotional and psychological issues of the student community, Bharata Mata College has a Counselling Cell in the college which has a trained team of faculty members and a Counsellor.

The Counselling Cell encourages the students to understand themselves and figure out issues that trouble them. The Cell further guides them to resolve their problems. These problems can be personal, emotional, social, academic, interpersonal, sexual, drug-related etc. This is done through individual or group counselling to help them with academic goals, social and personality development, career goals, empathy and interpersonal skills in order to have healthy relationships and a healthy lifestyle.

The role of the Counsellor is to offer support through listening and responding in a confidential, non-judgmental and timely way. They are professionally trained to assess, diagnose and treat students struggling with academic stress, anxiety, depression, social addictions and other problems they face.

The Counselling Cell’s main aim is to promote well-being of the students. The general objectives of the Cell are:

●    To identify the problem or difficulties faced by  the students
●    To help students work through their problems, develop self-awareness and overcome psychological distress
●    To help mitigate suffering, reach appropriate solutions, take responsible decisions, and enable students to become self-reliant individuals
●    To provide value education
●    To provide positive well being

The Counselling Cell offers the service of professionally-trained counsellors. Strict confidentiality is ensured and the service is both on individual and group basis.

  Our counsellor Ms. Sissy Sasidharan has been in the counselling field for the past 14 years. She is a Postgraduate in Clinical Psychology and Neuropsychology from the University of Kerala and has a Diploma in Community Mental Health from National Institute of Mental Health And Neurosciences (NIMHANS), Bangalore. She is also certified in Intensive Course on Solution-Focused Approach from the Academy of Solution Focused Approaches & Research (ASFAR), Kozhikode and has International Accreditation in Person-Centered Approaches from Institute for Person Centered Approach in India (IPCAI), Kottayam. She has a Certificate in Clinical Hypnotherapy from the Academy of Hypnosis and Alternative Medicines.
  Email: counselorbmc@bharatamatacollege.in.
  Mob: 9447435542

   Students and parents are free to contact her between 8 am to 8 pm.

SISSY SASIDHARAN Counsellor (Counselling Cell in-Charge)
Dr. SEMICHAN JOSEPH Assistant Professor Bharat Mata School of Social Work
Dr. ELSA MARY JACOB Assistant Professor Bharat Mata School of Social Work
1 Ms. SISSY SASIDHARAN Counsellor (Counselling cell in Charge) MA Clinical Psychology/ Diploma in Community Mental Health
2 Ms. L ARYA CHANDRAN Assistant Professor Bharat Mata School of Social Work Assistant Professor Bharat Mata School of Social Work
3 Dr. SEMICHAN  JOSEPH Assistant Professor Bharat Mata School of Social Work Assistant Professor Bharat Mata School of Social Work